Job Search Zombies: Motivating the Unmotivated Job Seeker

October 10, 2017 -

You are invited to attend EARN’s yearly PD event: Job Search Zombies on October 24/17. This year our PD event is combined with the Youth Employment Network’s 20th Anniversary Celebration! The workshop will be valuable to anyone who works with job seeking clients.

The workshop covers:

What is motivation?

Why is motivation essential?

Where does motivation come from?

How do I cure a Job Search Zombie?

How do I prevent future Job Search Zombie outbreaks?

Please feel free to stay after the workshop for the YEN celebration…and cake! The cost of the workshop is $30 which includes breakfast, and afternoon refreshments.

Here is the link to register for the workshop:

Please share the link with your colleagues who also may like to attend.

For more information please contact Cyndi Ingle at or call 905-521-5777 ext. 14.


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