It May Be Summer but School Doesn't Have to Be Out!

June 27, 2017 -

Ever wonder what academic upgrading is all about?  ABEA has a new promotional video that tells you all about Academic Upgrading in Hamilton. 

For practitioners out there, we encourage you to use the video in workshops and with your clients 1:1 to explore the benefits of upgrading for employment and education.

We have also developed new rack cards and posters so please let us know if you need some for your office spaces.  If you have a group of clients who are interested in more information about upgrading and educational pathways, we can also come out and do an outreach presentation (for clients or staff) so please just let us know.

As we wind down into summer I just wanted to let you know that the upgrading programs do have summer offerings and ABEA is open throughout the summer so please keep the referrals coming!

To refer a client click here - 

Thanks everyone and I hope you have a wonderful summer.


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