EARN Meeting Minutes November 26, 2014

December 01, 2014 -

EARN Meeting Minutes
November 26, 2014 – 9:00 – 11 a.m.
St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education, Mountain Centre

1. Welcome and Introductions: Christina Brookes introduced the new Executive Committee of EARN:

Chair: Cyndi Ingle
Vice Chair: Christina Brookes
Secretary: Nicole Delottinvile
Treasurer: Janet Hotston
Certification Officers: Antony Godwin

Went around room and each person introduced themselves and what agency they represented. Christina read the Mission Statement of EARN

2. Presentation: Aiding clients with a disability – by Nicole Delottinville, PATH

Discussed best practices for working with people with disabilities based on previous experiences and challenges. Suspecting a Disability or it is unclear Challenges and opportunities was discussed. Ways to help include: Disclosure Workshop, Situational Assessments, Assess Abilities, skills, interests, provide tools and resources, do you own research, connect with resources and collaborate with other agencies, advocate for your client’s skills and their rights for employment. Clients’ may be unaware of resources available to them or have no access to such tools.

3. Networking – 15 minutes to meet others from various agencies

4. Facilitated discussion on best practices – Questions and Discussion: What to do when client does not disclose disability and what can be done. Distributed a tip sheet for the worker that Identifies Challenges/Barrier and Opportunities to Assist and Tip for Workers.

Distributed a Disability Related Resources Sheet and Accommodations and Helpful Resources. How to approach client goals if you suspect a disability? Various options from functional task, Situational Assessments, Concentration Assessment, and Learning Challenges Assessments are all available to clients.

5. List of Presentations topics for upcoming meetings – Christina Brookes

January 28, 2015 – Self-care for Frontline Workers
Speaker: Tina Cagampan – St. Joseph’s Healthcare

March 25, 2015 – Transitioning OW and ODSP clients to school/work
Speaker: Dara Melanson ODSP

May 27, 2015 – Challenges and opportunities in working with youths
Speakers: Melina Elia and David Quinn, Career Foundations

June – Professional Development TBA – if you have a topic to suggest, speaker, please email Cyndi Ingle

6. Membership Fee Update – Janet Hotston sent email to everyone with an invoice and membership form to complete and remit with payment information. Due by December 12, 2014. Discussed membership categories for clarification – if you are attached to an employer, you submit for Organization, Individual is for a professional who is seeking employment resources information and student fees. Fees cover facility costs and meeting refreshments, EARN website costs through WIN Hamilton and communication strategy. May need money to help cover cost of speaker(s) if needed. Fees will be reviewed annually by committee.

7. Certification Snapshot – Antony Godwin – did PowerPoint presentation of CDP Credentialing Process in Ontario. He gave a brief overview on the milestones to date, introduction of the process and key resources and standards. He will post the PowerPoint on WIN Hamilton. Antony was asking for 4 volunteers to help with the facilitation of this program

8. Members Update

a. Mohawk College – COJG Canada Ontario Job Grant – Program developed to train workers and give them skills needed. COJG will fund 2/3 of workers training cost to a max of $10,000 and the Employer covers the 1/3 of cost. Maximum time for training is one year.

b. HRIC – Deb Neshkiwe-Fox – Honouring the Circle Event – Saturday, November 29, 2014 at 21 Rosedale Ave. Cost is $20.00 per person. Networking and identify culture, sharing of food and what services HRIC provides. Four drum performances.

c. Goodwill – Kristen Gray announced that they are the one Service Provider that is open on Saturday to provide Employment Services to clients in the Hamilton area.

d. ABEA – Ed Darling is also involved with Life Long Learning Week with is the 3rd week of September. Asking for volunteers for teaching (formal or informal learning) and he can offer free advertising. Registration begins April 1, 2015.

e. OW – Katrina Wilson – Going through some challenges right now with a new computer program. Their #1 priority right now is to get money out for rent and food, so the Case Managers are working through the challenges.

f. YWCA – Jean Visca – Newcomers event on Thursday, November 27, 2014 with Parks Canada, they will have an overview of tours and walks and offer some career opportunities.

g. Northern Lights – Ben Johnston – has an Employer Recognition Event on April 15, 2015.

h. St. Joseph’s Hospital – Liz Voogjarv – The Vocational Assessment Program has been disbanded and the work has been absorbed amongst the vocational workers.

i. IEC – Susan Clarke presented a quick overview on job placement and learning opportunities for youths. Gave out goody bags with pen and information on program.

j. Community Living –Deanne Peteres announced that their office has moved to 1030 Upper James Street, Hamilton, ON 905-526-9339

9. Evaluation – was distributed for members to complete

10. Next meeting is Wednesday, January 28, 2015 9:00 – 11:00 am, St. Charles Adult and Education, Mountain Centre, 150 East 5th Street, Hamilton, ON


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