Employment Counselling (Job Search Support)

Employment Counselling

Employment Counselling will:

• assist with planning and improving employability by providing intensive employment supports.
• undertake an Employment Needs Evaluation – Identifies your individual employment strengths and needs and guides you with identifying programs and services that are the most suitable for you.
• prepare an Individual Employment Plan – An easy to follow step-by-step action plan tailored to the your needs and connects you with the appropriate resources to help you reach your employment goal.
• negotiate Outcome Plans – OW/ODSP participation requirements will be updated and managed by employment staff during your involvement in employment activities.
• assist with Employment Referrals – Referrals to appropriate Ontario Works and community employment programs.
• provide ongoing one-on-one intensive employment support and follow-up for participants referred to community employment services.

Eligibility Requirements

ODSP Client
Ontario Works Participant


Low income