Mohawk College - Programs for Newcomers

  Mohawk College

Free programs for newcomers who are permanent residents or protected persons (Convention Refugees) in Canada.

- LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada).
Earn your grade 12 English equivalency for post-secondary admission at Mohawk College. Classes available for CLB 4-8
- LINC for Youth. Video and Photography.
Learn video and photography skills while learning English. 18-25 years old. CLB 2-6
- LINC 7/8 Advanced English for Higher Education with two separate courses.
Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing. Academic preparation for post-secondary programs at college and university. CLB 7-8.
- Enhanced Workplace Communication.
Improve your speaking skills to interact in the diverse Canadian culture in interviews, meetings, and on the telephone. CLB 6-7
- OSLT (Occupation-specific Language Training) for newcomers with training or experience in Business, Human Services, Health Sciences or Technology.
OSLT helps to develop language and communication skills related to the workplace. CLB 6-8
- Workplace Preparation (Enhanced Language Training) for Internationally Trained Professionals.
Learn job search strategies, interviews and networking techniques. CLB 7 and above

For more information call Melissa Droughan at 905-575-2421


English as a Second Language


Fennell Campus
135 Fennell and West 5th Hamilton