Language Courses for Nurses


Provided by CARE Centre Hamilton 905-521-1777

Language and Communication for Nurses I
>perform health assessment interviews with confidence
>give and receive accurate and professional handover and end-of-shift reports
>effectively explain illnesses and procedures to their clients using therapeutic communication
>recognize common nursing abbreviations, medications and technical terminology versus lay language
>read and comprehend advanced level nursing articles and write college level academic summaries

Language and Communication for Nurses II
>confidently interact on the telephone in a health care setting
>accurately and effectively report a client’s change-of-status and receive doctors’ orders over the telephone
>document significant assessments, interventions and outcomes clearly, completely and correctly
>utilize culturally appropriate assertive communication techniques to navigate challenging situations with colleagues, patients and patients’ family members

Language and Communication for Nurses III
>interview clients, give/receive reports, documents, and interact on the telephone with accuracy and confidence
>provide health teaching to clients using therapeutic communication techniques
>respond assertively and professionally to challenging situations in an intercultural workplace

Eligibility Requirements

Permanent resident (landed immigrant), status refugee, or protected person


Internationally Trained Persons