What is the definition of a service provider / program?

A service provider or program:

  • Has a distinct organizational structure
  • Has dedicated staff who are not part of other service providers or programs
  • Has its own funding
  • Has its own client roster and thus, has its own client records


  1. PATH Employment. PATH Employment is a distinct, independent service provider.
  2. Deaf Empowerment Program. DEP is a distinct program within Mohawk College.

How is this different from a parent organization?

A parent organization:

  • Can comprise many service providers and programs
  • Includes a large number of staff who may work at different providers and in different programs from one another
  • Has fragmented client rosters, in that some client records may be held by one program, while others are held by another

Example: City of Hamilton. City of Hamilton comprises many different divisions, agencies, providers and programs, each of which would qualify as a service provider / program in this application.